Thanks for joining us on our new blog.

This is an exciting time for The Dolls House Bedding Co. We’ve been making miniature bedding since 2000 and we’ve just designed and produced our first collection of miniature beds. We hope you’ll like them.

We’re always working on new designs and we’d love to show you how we go about it from the first drawings to choosing fabrics and making samples.

We know that lots of collectors would love to make their own miniatures and working with fabrics is the perfect way to do it. Most of us have the basics- scissors, pins and needles and possibly even a sewing machine at home, so it’s not too difficult to get started.

We’ll be discussing fabrics, designs and techniques and hopefully providing some inspiration for anyone who’d like to dress their own miniature bed.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Christina, that sounds great! I have some ideas about bedding that I look forward to making, your post reminds me of that. I wasn’t aware of your company (in my defense, never needed any miniature-bedding, haha), but it sounds wonderful! I’ll be coming around to check out your blog and a big welcome of course in the blog-o-spere 😀 Monique


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